Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Waiting Game

With about as much research done as I can at the moment, now comes the long boring part of finding out details from companies. My goal at this moment is to
- Check which companies are the most reputable
-  Find out just how detailed the logo can be (hopefully pretty detailed for more variety)
- Choose some official artwork for the voting list

Over the weekend I haven't gotten any new emails from the various companies I have questioned so hopefully they will followup during normal work days. It is at this point expect less consistent posting but I will try to make at least a post every few days just to show that I am still working on it. Just don't expect much content in some of them. Make sure you check back at least weekly though as any slightly important questions I ask I will wait at least four days to gather responses before making a choice.

Again, big issues I will email everybody about as well as post on this blog. I am hoping that the local company I am interested in will make a sample glass for me to take home so I can send some pictures out and stress test it myself. Before getting a glass though I will want to have an official logo chosen.

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