Friday, January 13, 2012

Alpha Stage

 Right now this is the officially unofficial concept art for the cups. It is by no means the only one being considered at the moment and simply stands as a general idea.

As of now there are 8 potential images for voting on and 14 people interested in the glasses. Current progress is about the same but I am emailing a few places of interest and waiting on responses. As I plan on bulk ordering, the more that I can order the cheaper each glass will be by a dollar or two. If everything goes according to plan, the glasses will range from 8-13 dollars a piece (depending on the manufacture) plus the cost of shipping and packaging materials. Overall I can imagine a maximum cost of 20 dollars and a minimum cost of 15 dollars.

The cups will be made of glass and if at all possible, will be laser engraved. This ensures that the image will not fade. I aim for a 16oz to 24oz glass that is completely clear save for the the image itself and can be machine washed. I have not decided if the actual cups will have handles or not. At the moment leaning towards no handles. Opinions on this would be appreciated.

The overall progress relies heavily on amount of time available for me to research and the speed at which I can get estimates back. My final goal is to choose the best deal possible but not at the sacrifice of quality to the cups.


  1. Alright then, looking forward to your decision.

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  3. I recall some anons wanting something a bit more subtle, and although I am partial to quite a few of the ones posted in the original thread, I went and put this together as a possible design.

    My previous comment's link had an error in the image that I had missed.

  4. Nice design, I really like the font of it too
    But if I had to have a S&W mug I think I would want horo to actually be on the mug. But we'll have to see exactly how subtle Anon's want it to be. Be sure to post that in the evening horo threads.