Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beta Phase

Good news everybody. Visited a local glass etching business today. Their name is Glass With a Twist. They're an entirely online store so they only had the workshop which is beneficial for this. I got to see their development process and staff along with some of their previous orders. My largest concern on how detailed the custom image can be was pretty much laid to rest with this picture I took of one of their more intricate designs. It can be a bit hard to make out but is a rather detailed picture of a fox's face. Costs are drastically cut too since this is a local business where I can pick up the glasses (remove 50 dollars in shipping right there) and they have no fee for a new design.

The staff member I spoke to was professional and answered any questions I had. What's more, their prices are very good. So good that I am a bit skeptical of the quality of the glasses and their work but they were busy making many orders and have a full return policy should any of their products break on part of faulty glassware. On top of that, their retailer for the glassware they receive is a well known company. More information on that later.

Overall the company is a small one but appears to be a trustworthy one. They only have one style of pint glass available though which is the 16oz version. See link for an image example. http://www.dollartree.com/16-oz-Pub-Glasses/p294372/index.pro

Regardless, 16oz is a rather standard size and more than enough to hold a beer or whatever your drink of choice is. There is also the available option for a beer mug though. See link. http://www.glasswithatwist.com/Bulk-Beer-Glasses-Prodlist.html

It is now that I would like opinions. The 16oz pint glass or the 25oz mug. Which would you prefer? Personally I am leaning towards the 16oz pint glass. I would like a 20oz or 24oz version of the pint glass but that is not an option with this company and can't be helped. Either way I'm not spilling any tears over having to deal with a 16oz glass.

On one final note, I checked out their supplier, Libbey Glass as well. They have products available on amazon and the few reviews that they have are generally high praise. They are also a major glassware manufacturer and as such, must have enough quality glassware that they stay a major company. So far I am getting only good feelings about this company even with the skeptically low prices from Glass With a Twist. I have no explanation for their great prices besides attempting to supply their customers at the lowest prices possible while still making a profit. Given their reputation and standing at the moment it would be believable.

I will assemble a few more images before sending out a vote on them. This should take a few days so be prepared for an email sometime. Any questions or concerns you have address here or via email. Now is the time to voice them.


  1. While I prefer the mug, I definitely do not mind the pint glass. I'm assuming the mug would also cost more, being considerably larger than the pint glass.

    Eagerly awaiting seeing the designs.

  2. I'd prefer the mug as well,though the glass is fine too.

  3. ☑ Prefer MUG, yet...
    ☒ Can't exactly turn down a cut on shipping for the glass.