Friday, July 27, 2012

Bad News

I've run across a bit of a snag with the price of international shipping. Instead of the previous 60-80USD pricetag it would be 170USD give or take. Either way, international buyers would be paying close to 200USD for one mug. Needless to say that since they cost only 7.50USD to have made, this is a HUGE price increase. I'm not sure what I can do but ask if anybody knows of cheaper ways to ship internationally. I checked both FedEx and UPS and to ship a package that is 10x12x8 at 4lbs, they both come out to that general cost.

I hate to disappoint international buyers like this but it is one of those things that I do not know what to do for. If anybody wants to buy for that price then I will have no issues wrapping them up well and insuring the hell out of them.

Personally I would recommend you email me so I can send you the images I used. There are other glass engraving studios around and it won't cost you 200USD.

I'd like to say I'm sorry about this turn of events to international buyers one last time. You have been waiting a long time for these mugs only to have to hear this. Again, if anybody knows cheaper shipping let me know. If you want the designs then email me as well and if you still want to go through with the order I can do that.

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