Thursday, May 17, 2012

All Finished

Just got all the invoices for U.S. and Canada buyers sent out. On the off chance I missed you, let me know ASAP. I learned a lot from all this so far. For one if you ever do this, always keep updated, always keep a spreadsheet, and always organize.

Things didn't go too badly so far though. Thank you for all who follow the blog as well. It keeps communication simple and this way you can just yell at me if I mess up somewhere along the line. So as a final reminder, the invoices are all sent for U.S. and Canada buyers, I'll personally ship for international buyers and those who need me to hold onto their orders until they have some more cash. It's been a strange roller coaster of excitement, fear of messing up orders, and boredom waiting for others to communicate issues with (specifically the company I'm going though). I'll begin cancelling unfilled invoices by the end of the month which still gives around two weeks to fill the invoice out. Any questions or concerns, email me about.  As one person who has never done this before I lack insight. Your questions could point out a flaw in my shipping plans, somebody I missed, or who the hell knows what else.


  1. Oh boy, I'll be waiting then.

  2. So, where do we go from here? Are the mugs going to be commissioned once as many orders as possible are payed for, or are they going to be shipped on an individual basis immediately as they're paid?

    Just curious as to when I should start getting my mailbox watch on.