Monday, April 16, 2012

Ordering End

At this time I am going to end the ordering process. I have 78 orders at the moment and am waiting on final emails. This is going to be very expensive for me to do so I plan on sending invoices and gathering some money first. It will give people a last chance too. Now for the long and laborious process of sending everybody an invoice and ordering the mugs. This too will take some time largely because of my horrible lack of foresight. I forgot just how busy the end of the semester can get and as such I'll be working slowly but steadily towards getting these mugs done and shipped out.

Likely within a week the invoices will be sent out and I'll have the mugs commissioned. How long it takes to have them made I have no idea but I will make sure to post about that when I find out. Thanks for all your patience during this process too. I've never handled something like this before or organized such a large transaction before but Murphy's Law has not been hitting me too hard which I am thankful for.

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