Monday, March 5, 2012

Shipping Estimates

Well after asking around a bit I've found a general idea of the final price. Assuming between 21 and 40 mugs are ordered the base price will be 6.55USD per mug. I believe this is the overall price per mug with design included. I'm going to double check with Glass With a Twist just to be sure. Inside the U.S. Should be relatively cheap. I found a box which will ship flat rate. Good news is it can hold up to four mugs. Bad news is that if you want just one mug then shipping will be the same price. This means that the final price for one mug plus shipping will be 17.90USD plus some cheap insurance on the package. Around 18.50USD. After that, 3 more mugs can be added at no additional insurance increase and only the price per mug. Since there are two different designs then this should be good news to those who would want one of each.

Now I must apologize to those in other countries for I have to be the bearer of bad news. I had an estimate done for shipping to Australia (about as costly as international shipping can get) and for a cheap rate, it would cost 28.00USD per mug. This is because only 4 lbs. are allowed to go though the cheapest rate and each mug weighs nearly that in box. For those in other countries who are interested though, I have two suggestions.

1) Give me a location I can ship to and I'll go ask FedEx and UPS as well for their rates, in person. Maybe they will be cheaper. Just email me and I'll get an estimate back.
2) I can give you the images used for the mugs via email should you be interested. If you have a company in your country that could produce etched glassware then feel free to use those images. Even if each glass would cost 20.00USD to make that is still cheaper than the shipping.

Feel free to email me. I'll begin taking orders now for those who are interested. For the two designs, refer to the one with wheat on the edges as "Wheat" and the other as "Dress". If you would like multiple orders then say something such as
Wheat x2
Dress x4

If you have any other questions then ask in the email. I'll be collecting the money prior to shipping. I'll produce an exact total BEFORE placing an order so you can give a final confirmation that you wish to purchase.

I have also been promised a return policy by the glass manufacturer in case something like the handle breaks off. From my experience so far they're bar quality glasses. I think I've even seen them around town in restaurants minus the engravings.

One final note, some people complained in a thread a few days back about the face. Upon viewing the pictures in more detail, I believe it is mostly the camera quality (cell phone). Without gray scale as a viable engraving source some shortcuts are required such as filling in the eyes. I for one am extremely happy with how the demo mugs turned out though if it means anything.

All payment will be handled though Paypal using the email,

With your order include a state, or if international, a country. This way I can give an estimate.

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